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We understand that you have many choices when it comes to your lenders, and that you get bombarded with offers. First and foremost, thank you for considering us as a partner! Buying a home is an exciting, and stressful time. That’s why we have designed a transparent, streamlined process to ease some of the stress from this transaction. So people can be excited and empowered when they buy a home through Blue Arrow Lending.

Why should I work with Blue Arrow Lending?

We are available evenings and weekends to help your buyers win their home! We call each listing agent to walk them through the strength of our offer, how we can deliver a smooth transaction, and give them all of our contact info so that they can reach out directly with any questions. 

We send out updates throughout the transaction to everyone, that way everyone is on the same page, and you don’t have to chase anyone down looking for answers. It saves you time, and money. Some updates include “submitted to underwriting”, and “appraisal ordered”.  That way you aren’t running around trying to inform all parties about what’s happening. This allows our business partners to focus on what’s important- growing your business!

And...We can complete pre-qualifications within the same business day*
 *Prequalifications require documents from clients to ensure the accuracy of the approval, the faster clients send in their documents, the faster I can process their approval.

Benefits Specifically for our Business Partners:

We offer several services for our business partners to help you build your business. Professional, beautiful marketing materials for buyers and sellers that help you gain, and retain more clients- and it’s 100% free! 


  • Be the neighborhood expert at your open houses
  • Gain more listings with the professional listing presentation.
  • Capture lead information when they search for your listings
  • Offer comprehensive market info for your buyers in an eye-catching format


Another platform that we offer helps our partners sift through their database and generate buyers and listings by positioning you as the home expert. Stay top of mind for your existing clients with this newsletter each month. It is branded with your information, helps them build wealth, and make it easy for them to reach out when they are back in the market. 

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